Why you should choose Rotary

Rotary Lift is the world’s leading company in hydraulic light duty and heavy duty vehicle lifts, and special tools. Founded in 1925, the company continues to offer exemplary services to all its clients, which include commercial shop owners or managers who are starting a new shop, replacing older equipment, or expanding and in need of a painless source of machines for lease or sale. As it is said, respect is the only virtue that can be earned; Rotary Lifts has built a remarkable reputation to earn respect, even from fellow players in the industry.

Quality is Key

For managers opening a new garage, it can be very difficult to find the right company to entrust with equipment needs. Rotary Lifts has provided consistent results in customer satisfaction over the years by delivering superior products and offering support to clients, even after the transaction. Working under the Rotary Lifts Quality Policy, every employee or supplier is accountable to meet or exceed the expectation of the client, and be ready to improve on the same. Such high working policies have helped the company maintain the lead within the industry, despite the continued economic, social, and political impact in the business world.

Rotary Lifts, using its almost 90 years of experience, has been able to design a premier lifting machine. It is designed with unique durability, yet is easy to use. This includes the shockwave lift and standard lift. They have strong alley channels that can support the weight of a car without damage. The productivity of your shop will definitely improve, and the cost of maintaining equipment will decrease drastically. The machines come in different compatibilities for customers to choose from. Rotary Lifts are workhorses that are dependable and built to last. Moreover, all the lifts come with ALI certification and warranty.

The efficiency of any vehicle depends on how well it is maintained. Reliable heavy duty garage equipment is required when servicing a heavy car. Rotary Lifts heavy duty lifts are suited to ensure that medium and heavy-duty trucks can also be accommodated. They have the necessary height, so one can quickly get a view of the vehicle bottom. Rotary Lifts heavy duty garage equipment are perfect for Ford, GM and RAM truck models. There are several heavy duty lifts available, including the Mach series, In Ground MOD, SM30-S, and Parallelogram.

Rotary SM-30

Proven Success

Rotary Lifts have received many awards for consecutive years. In 2001, they were awarded for the Best in Bay Technology, in 2005 for the Best Smart Lift Three Stage Lift Arms, in 2010 for the Best Y-Lift®, and in 2012 for their first-class Shockwave Surface & In Ground Lifts. All these awards were given by the Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools Awards. Others awards include the 2013 Innovation Award 2013 Winner - Shockwave Spotline™ Laser through the PTEN Innovation Awards.

Rotary Lifts products and services are utilized by many people worldwide, with branches in Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, China, Europe, India, Latin America, Mexico and southeast Asia. Rotary Lifts manufactures durable garage equipment that can last for more than 15 years. We are proud to be a Rotary Lifts supplier. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction aligns with our own values. Let us be a partner in your success!

Sep 4th 2018

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