CEMB SM1120 Tire Changer

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  • CEMB SM1120 Tire Changer
Full Description 

Cemb’s new SM1120 is an automatic high performance tire changer designed primarily for low profile, UHP and run flat tires. The center post dual bead breaker design, large wheel capacity (30”) and dual fit mounting head sets this machine apart when handling ALL of today’s and tomorrow’s tires and wheels.

Innovative universal system “DUAL FIT” that allows, by a single device, to meet all the specific mounting and demounting needs of any kind of tires. A simple adjustment allows to operate in a safe, fast and effective way, on UHP super-low profile and run-flat tires in leverless mode, or in standard mode, by a traditional mounting head, on soft shoulder high profile tires and light truck tires.

Standard Accessories

CEMB SM1120 Tire Lever


CEMB SM1120 Tire Lever

Tire Lever

CEMB SM1120 Lever TPS


CEMB SM1120 mounting head protectors

Protection Kit
Mounting head protectors

CEMB SM1120 Protection Kit

Protection Kit

CEMB SM1120 Protection Kit

Protection Kit


Protection Kit

CEMB SM1120 Protection Kit

Protection KitProtection Kit #3019057

CEMB SM1120 Protection Kit

Protection KitProtection Kit #3019304

CEMB SM1120 Protection Kit

Protection KitProtection Kit #3019971

CEMB SM1120 G-Clamp

G-Clamp #92108904 helps in adding extra bead pressure points on top bead while assembling it

CEMB SM1120 2-Faced Cone

2-Faced Cone
Two-faced cone #323445 75mm-145mm (2.95"-5.7")

CEMB SM1120 Pattern Ad

Pattern Ad.
Universal pattern adaptor for reverse mounted wheels 4-5-6 holes

CEMB SM1120 CEMBlast

Bead seating gun CEMBlast

CEMB SM1120 Protection Kit

Dual FitDual Fit System: Leverless or Standard

CEMB SM1120 Press Arm

Press Arm

CEMB SM1120 Accessory Rack

Accessory Rack

CEMB SM1120 Air Kit

Air Kit
Oiler, Water Trap and Regulator

CEMB SM1120 Wheel Lift

Wheel Lift

  • PARALLEL ARM: with memory lock (PATENTED)
  • Double Arm/Disc air operated bead loosening unit (PATENTED)
  • Adjustable SMART BLADE bead breaker
  • Leverless mount/dismount system (PATENTED)
  • SMART LOCK Quick locking expanding nut (PATENTED)
  • POWER-OUT SYSTEM: Double-effect cylinder with stroke limiter (PATENTED)
  • Wheel lift
  • Two speed rotation by pedal
  • Tire inflation by pedal
  • Equipped with Press Arm
  • CEMBlast Tubeless tire bead seating system
  • Dual Fit System

Standard Accessories

  • Brush
  • Tire Lever
  • Lever PTS
  • Protection Kits
  • G-Clamp
  • 2-Faced Cone
  • Patern Ad.
  • CEMBlast
  • Dual Fit
  • Press Arm
  • Accessory Rack
  • Air Kit
  • Wheel Lift


Specifications SM1120
Rim Clamping Range 12" - 30"
Maximum Tire Outside 47" (1,200 mm)
Maximum Tire Width 16"(410 mm)
Bead Breaker Force (Smart Blade) 7,056 lbs (3,200 Kg)
Bead Breaker Force (Roller Unit) 2,630 lbs (1,200 Kg)
Operating Pressure 145 psi (10 bar)
Power Supply 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph / 2 speed
Shipping Weight 1,000 lbs (453 Kg)
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