CEMB SM56T Heavy Duty Tire Changer

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  • CEMB SM56T Heavy Duty Tire Changer
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CEMB SM56T Tire Changer for Truck, Bus Agriculture & Earth Moving Vehicles 14" - 56"

Professional quality unit for tire shops with a heavy workload of commercial, agricultural and earth moving wheels. Comes fully assembled.


CEMB SM56T Inner Hole Clamping

Clamping the Inner Hole

CEMB SM56T Clamping without Extensions

Clamping without Extensions

CEMB SM56T Clamping optional extensions

Clamping with 56" Optional Extensions

Standard Accessories

CEMB SM56T tire lever

Rim Lever

CEMB SM56T Bead Lever

Bead Lever

CEMB SM56T Rim Pliers

Rim Pliers

  • Mobile cable control unit
  • Two speed hydraulic pump motor
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • Self centering universal wheel chuck
  • Rim pliers and rim lever standard
  • Comes Fully Assembled

Standard Accessories

  • Rim Lever
  • Bead Lever
  • Rim Pliers


Specifications SM56T
Maximum Wheel Width 42" (1,070 mm)
Maximum Wheel Diameter 90.5" (2,300 mm)
Rim Clamping Range 14" - 46" (56" with optional access.)
Bead Breaker Force 3,300 lbs (1,500 Kg)
Max Operating Pressure 1885 psi (130 bar)
Power Supply 220VAC / 50/60 Hz / 3 ph
Shipping Dimensions L63" x W53" x H46"
Gross Shipping Weight 2,310 lbs

CEMB SM56T specs

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