Challenger EV1020-QC 10,000lb Quick Check Inground Lift

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  • Challenger EV1020-QC 10,000lb Quick Check Inground Lift
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With over 50% more bearing contact surface than competitor’s lifts, enhanced wipers both top and bottom and NEW larger 8-1/2” chrome pistons, your shop will have a superior, more stable and repeatable car lift resulting in increased productivity. EV1020 services more vehicles with its double telescoping screw pads, 3-stage arms and wide drive-thru. These car lifts protect your investment and the environment with its fully contained polymer housing made from recycled plastic (No EPA concerns). It also creates a professional showroom style appearance with its open, aesthetically pleasing look.

Quick Cycle Express Service Solution

Inground Quick Cycle Service  quick-cycle.png

How do we achieve accelerated lifting?

We have increased the motor and pump size which provides a faster rise and descent. These components increase the rise of speed from 48 seconds to 27 seconds equating to a 42% time savings. Lowering speed is held to a constant 17 seconds (approximately) regardless of the weight of the vehicle.

Bench Mount Power Controls (BMC) Optional bench mounted power controls include raise, lower and lock release functions. They are aesthetically pleasing and mount to many major workbench brands, providing convenient access to inground lift controls. bmc.jpg

Features and Benefits

This inground car lift will both optimize space and increase productivity in your repair shop. The EV1020 lift includes enhanced top and bottom wipers, double telescoping screw pads, and 3-stage arms. For an inground car lift that provides 50% more bearing contact surface than competitors, turn to the EV1020 lift.

  • Offset 3-stage front and rear arms safely lift both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay maximizes service capabilities and revenue potential.
  • Stainless steel air lock release cylinder prevents car lift from rust associated with condensation
  • 87" drive-thru 87" drive-thru provides more tire clearance than competitor's car lifts for wide wheelbase vehicles allowing easy drive-on application.
  • Fully contained and sealed polymer cassette tube minimizes risk of hydraulic fluid seeping into the ground as associated with low pressure inground car lifts.
  • Double Telescoping Screw Pads minimizes the need for truck adapters by meeting a wider range of vehicle manufacturer designated pick up points.
  • NEW Chrome non-breathing ram style cylinder minimizes water intake and other contamination
  • 50% more bearing contact than competitors' car lifts provides increased stability.
  • NEW Larger 8-1/2" diameter chrome pistons provides car lift with greater stability under load
  • Mechanical lock Mechanical lock engages every 3" allowing technician to work at an ergonomic height to increase productivity and minimize fatigue.
  • NEW Enhanced raised wiper at top and bottom of bearing provides better grease retention and minimizes contamination from entering into bearings


Model Number

Car Lift Capacity

10,000 lbs. (4536kg)


68" (1727mm)
A Rise Height1
74" (1880mm)
B Width Overall
110" (2794mm)
C Drive-Thru Clearance
87" (2210mm)
D Reach (Arm Minimum)
E Reach (Arm Maximum)
42-1/8" (1070mm)
F Rubber Pad Adapter (Minimum)2
G Rubber Pad Adapter (Maximum)2
3-7/8" - 6"(98mm - 152mm)
Capacity (Per Arm)
2500 lbs. (1134kg)
Guide Plunger Diameter
8 1/2" (216mm)
Voltage (Single Phase Std.)3
Speed of Rise
27 seconds
Air Required
75-125 psi
Ceiling Height Required for EV1020 car lifts
79" (2007mm)
plus height of tallest vehicle
Shipping Weight
2950 lbs (1338 kg)


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