Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer

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  • Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer
  • Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer
  • Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer
  • Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer
Full Description 

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ESBD® (Electronic Sync Dual Bead Breaker)
  • Laser pointer for precise mounting tool positioning
  • Electronically synchronized dual-disc bead breaker with servo drive
  • Bead roller is effective on both soft and stiff sidewalls
  • Dual bead breaker allows ergonomic upright body position
  • Leverless design prevents tire bead and sidewall damage
Hofmann monty 8600 dual disc
Hofmann monty 8600 atc quick fit Quick Fit Center Wheel Clamping
  • Center wheel clamping provides easy and precise wheel mounting while avoiding damage
  • Precise centering prevents rim edge contact with the mounting tool
  • Two speed system provides both precision and productivity for mounting and demounting
  • Laser Positioned Tooling
    • Precise rim edge positioning prevents damage to the wheel or tire due to misaligned tool
  • Lever-less Demount Head
    • Integrated demounting finger gently pulls the bead over the rim edge, reducing the possibility of tire or wheel damage
  • Ergonomic Dual Bead Breakers
    • Easily positioned upper bead breaker and servo driven lower bead breaker
    • Lower bead breaker is automatically positioned via the upper bead breaker position
Integrated Tire Inflation System
  • Quick and safe top side bead seating and inflation included
Hofmann monty 8600 foot pedal
  • Storage Compartment
    • Easy access for tools and accessories
  • Wheel Lift
    • Reduces fatigue and the chance for injury presented by handling heavy tires and rims
  • Bead Assist
    • Follows the rotation to position the bead in the wheel’s drop center on difficult, stiff side wall, tires
  • Wheel Center Pilot Hole Clamping
    • Center piloting eliminates rim edge damage and provides positive center hole clamping using a cone and quick nut.
  • Features
    • ESBD® (Electronic Sync Dual Bead Breaker)
    • Quick Fit Center Wheel Clamping
    • Laser Positioned Tooling
    • Lever-less Demount Head
    • Ergonomic Bead Breaker
    • Integrated Tire Inflation System
    • Storage CompartmentWheel Lift
    • Bead Assist
    • Wheel Center Pilot Hole Clamping 



Wheel Diameter Range

12" - 30" (30.5 cm - 76 cm)

Maximum Tire Diameter

47" (119 cm)

Maximum Wheel Width

15" (38 cm)

Maximum Wheel Weight

154 lbs (70 kg)

Mounting Speeds

CW 7/14 RPM - CCW 7 RPM

Bead Breaker Range

28" (71 cm)

Bead Breaker Stroke

11" (28 cm)

Bead Breaker Force

2585 lbs (1173 kg)

Maximum Torque

1106 ft*lbs

Noise Level


Air Requirements

100 to 140 PSI (7.5 BAR - 9.6 BAR)

Dimensions (DxWxH)

70" x 89" x 59"
(178 cm x 226 cm x 150 cm)

Shipping Weight

946 lbs (429 kg)

Power Requirements

200 - 240V 1Ph 50/60HZ

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