Rotary Hand Spin Tire Balancer

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  • Rotary Hand Spin Tire Balancer
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This budget minded balancer offers many of the same performance characteristics of higher end machines.  Precision balancing of motorcycle, car and light commercial wheels can be done at low rotational speed using a hand crank or by gently spinning the wheel by hand. It’s equipped with a pedal brake to stop rotation and position the weights. 

R122 | Hand Spin Wheel Balancer

  • Interactive Display
  • Standard Accessories
  • Low Rotation Speed
  • Affordable Price


Technical Data R122
Rim Diameter 10" - 26"
Rim Width 1.5" - 22"
Maximum Wheel Weight 143 lbs. (65kg)
Read Out Accuracy 1g
Cycle Time 6 seconds
Rotation Speed (rpm) <100
Power Supply 110v / 60 Hz / 1Ø
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