RTI/MAHLE VCX-4 Fluid Exchange

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  • RTI/MAHLE VCX-4 Fluid Exchange
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FluidPRO equipment from MAHLE Service Solutions offers a range of choices in fluid exchange equipment. The FluidPRO® VCX-4 includes a Venturi vacuum generator that yields fast service times of 5-15 minutes, increasing customer satisfaction. And customers will believe in the value of maintaining a clean coolant system through the transparent cylinders that expose precipitants and corrosion products. The FluidPRO series goes beyond standards; for our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, and no product recalls — thus a strong brand. MAHLE Service Solutions is an industry leader when it comes to technical and training support. Whether our customers want on-site technical assistance in making their business more efficient or just have a question regarding our products, we’re here for them! Extremely Fast Service Cycles – vacuum extraction & pressure fill process provides rapid process times, perfect for quick lube operations Easy Service to Sell – customers can visually see dirty fluid being removed and replaced with clean new coolant Simple Hook-Up & Operation – shop air operation, insert Cone Adapter, select process and go! Many Makes Compatibility – simplicity and versatility of service hose is adaptable to most makes and models without modification Robust Design & Construction - high strength fiberglass composite coolant cylinders, rugged chassis & cushioned, no-inflate wheels Good Exchange Efficiency – can remove up to 60% of used coolant in single pass

Control Panel - Vacuum gauge - Color-coded function valve positioning - EZ coolant selection/changeover - Integrated factory pre-set pressure regulator

Robinair VCX1 Control Panel


Coolant Cylinder Assemblies - Large capacity – 20 quarts each - No-leak end cap design, machined aluminum w/ pressure O-rings - Pressure relief valve – waste fluid cylinder

Robinair VCX1 Coolant Cylinder


Cone Adapter - Versatile & simple connection - No-leak end cap design, machined aluminum w/ pressure O-rings - Insert cone in radiator spout or overflow tank

Robinair VCX1 Cone Adapter

Rear Wheels - Cushioned, non-inflatable - Permanently lubed bearing - No maintenance required Front Wheels - Caster style for EZ maneuverability - Locking w/ debris shield - No maintenance required Features

  • Four transparent, large capacity cylinders; three for new coolant and one for waste

  • Color-coded function valve for easy control

  • Easy coolant selection/changeover for flexible adaptation of most vehicles

  • Fast service cycles of 5-15 minutes for increased productivity

  • Vacuum gauge for complete exchange efficiency

  • Pressure relief valve on waste fluid cylinder for increased safety

  • No-leak end cap design to reduce coolant waste

  • Powered by shop air for convenience

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